About our Caerphilly chiropractic clinic

NHS guidelines for physical activity in adults of all ages includes: 1. 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise (or equivalent) per week, and 2. Strength conditioning of all major muscles twice per week. If pain or balance difficulty stop you from being active, we can help. Here at SWSC we believe that prevention is better than looking for a cure. Prevention of possible and future health problems is the only way to achieve wellness and your highest quality of life possible. Your body knows how to heal itself—the chiropractor is simply there to remove interference with the body’s natural healing mechanism.

Staff Members

Katrina Neyer, DC, MS

Dr. Neyer knew at 10 years old that she wanted to be a doctor; she just didn’t know where that desire would lead her. Growing up in various parts of the US, she has developed a depth of experience many people never reach. After graduating high school, she became an EMT (emergency medical technician) and worked on ambulances in Wichita, Kansas on a voluntary basis. She did this while pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. After obtaining her degree, she still didn’t feel she was ready to start medical school, so she enrolled in a Master of Science program in Biomedical Science. It was while in graduate school that Dr. Neyer discovered chiropractic. After having suffered a low back injury at age 10 and a neck injury in her teens she benefited greatly when finally treated by a chiropractor in South Florida. Dr. Neyer received her MS and obtained a fellowship at the National Institutes of Health in a genetic laboratory outside Washington, DC. It was during the fellowship that Dr. Neyer realized her personal philosophy aligned better with the chiropractic profession than allopathic medicine. She immediately enrolled in a course of chiropractic study at Palmer College of Chiropractic, the Fountainhead of the profession. In 2008, Dr. Neyer graduated with honors with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree and was seeing patients a week later. Nine years later, she brought her experience and adaptability to South Wales. Dr. Neyer currently lives in Blackwood with her wife and five cats (Pepsi, Popcorn, Pepperoni, Pretzel, and Pumpkin). She enjoys driving around Wales looking at castles in her Chevy Camaro.

Director/Lead Chiropractor

Gemma - Office Manager

I have had issues with my back for years. My husband Brian and I have been on motorcycles since we were in our twenties, now we are in our fifties… Both Brian and I went to Kat for our back problems… I know a couple of people over the years who also have back pain but decided to have surgery instead. It took years of recovery and still today they can't be as active as I am. I still ride my bike. I have even hit a deer on one of my rides and today, my back feels better than it did before I went to see Kat Neyer.

Anna L.